Scott McGovern

Born in Meridian, Mississippi

Lives & works in Middleburg, Florida


I've been an artist for most of my life. I was a student of Florida School of the Arts where I received a degree for graphic design and spent an extra year devoted to the study Fine Arts. After graduating, I with pursued graphic design, working with a web designer and creating book covers for local writers.  In my spare time I played with several mediums of art and eventually discovered my real passion for creating things with my hands instead of on a computer screen. A long discovery process has led me to combining the two things I love most; sculpture and books. I was inspired by the classical forms of old leather-bound books and being a big fantasy reader a lot of my inspiration came from those themes. Teaching myself how to make my books I was able to create a distinctive and unique style using non-traditional techniques.  This has led to magical, three-dimensional creations that spark the imaginations of everyone who sees them. 


As an artist I am also constantly exploring my creativity in other mediums. I have always been a prolific drawer and more recently I have been challenging myself with watercolor painting and  sculpture. If you are interested in seeing more of the work I have created in the past, you can see a great collection I have been adding to ever sence I got out of high school at the web address listed below. 



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